Alan Turing’s Library List

Alan Turing’s library list

? Illusions
? Journal of the Chemical Society, vols. 95, 96, 97
? Lead
? Modern Electric Theory
? Money
Aston, Frederick William Isotopes 1922
Ball, W.W. Rouse Mathematical Recreations and Essays 1905 ed. Yes
Carroll, Lewis Alice in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis The Game of Logic 1886
Carroll, Lewis Through the Looking Glass
Clifford, William Kingdon The Common Sense of the Exact Sciences 1885
Eddington, Sir Arthur Stanley Space, Time and Gravitation 1920
Eddington, Sir Arthur Stanley The Nature of the Physical World 1928 Yes (Physics Library)
Einstein, Albert Sidelights on Relativity 1922
Evans, A.J. The Escaping Club 1929
Fichte, Immanuel Hermann. Translated and edited by J.D. Morell. Contributions to Mental Philosophy 1860
Haas, Arthur. Translated by R. W. Lawson. The New Physics 1924
Henderson, Hubert D. Supply and Demand 1922
Jeans, Sir James Hopwood The Stars in their Courses 1931
Jeans, Sir James Hopwood The Universe Around Us 1929 Yes
Lodge, Sir Oliver Atoms and Rays 1924 Yes (Physics Library)
Lodge, Sir Oliver et al Phases of Modern Science. Published in connection with the Science Exhibit arranged by a committee of the Royal Society at the British Empire Exhibition 1925. 1925
Maxwell, James Clerk Matter and Motion 1876 Yes
Preston, Thomas The Theory of Heat 1894
Roberts, Isaac A Selection of Photographs of Stars, Star-Clusters & Nebulae, together with information concerning the instruments & the methods employed in the pursuit of celestial photography. 1893
Rood, Ogden Nicholas Modern Chromatics: with applications to art and industry 1879
Sanford, Vera. Ed. John Wesley Young A Short History of Mathematics 1930
Webb, Thomas William Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes 1859
Whetham, William Cecil Dampier The Recent Development of Physical Science 1904
Whitehead, Alfred North (OS) Science and the Modern World 1925
Wood, Alexander Sound Waves and their Uses 1930 Yes (Physics Library)


Alan Turing’s library list.

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