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The Dacre Beasts are heraldic emblems, representing one of the most powerful families in medieval England. The figures were carved from the same oak tree, which was felled between 1499 and 1549, according to dendrochronological analysis.

  • The Bull supports the banner of the 2nd Baron Dacre, with three scallop shells. Thomas Lord Dacre was a Knight of the Garter, as well as a confidante to King Henry VIII.
  • The Dolphin supports the Greystroke banner, with three cushions d’argent. Elizabeth de Greystroke was Thomas Lord Dacre’s wife and the Greystroke family heiress. The two eloped ca. 1488 and Lord Dacre was made Baron Greystroke jure uxoris.
  • The Ram supports the the de Multon banner, with argent, three bars gu, in chief a lion passant gardant. Margaret de Multon married the 3rd Baron Dacre, Randolph, in 1313.
  • The Griffin supports the New Greystroke Arms, with three rose chaplets. The Griffin represents Lord Dacre’s forebears, the Dacres of Gilsland. The New Greystroke Arms were painted on the banner during 19th century restoration.

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