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Reshared post from EuroTech $25 computer, Raspberry Pi, officially launched today Base version…

$25 computer, Raspberry Pi, officially launched today
Base version memory doubled, launch announcement crashes servers

The +Raspberry Pi, the $25 computer that seems to be taking the computer enthusiast world by storm, was formally launched at 6AM GMT this morning. The Foundation has announced that they will be entrusting the manufacture of the computers to two British companies, Premier Farnell and RS Components.

The first run will consist of 10.000 model B

Optical Illusion: Reverse Mindwarp

This video shows the following process in reverse slow motion: I spent over 4 hrs. placing 200 tiny white squares at specific spots on this checkered pattern. The spots I placed them at cause us to see the pattern as being warped inward because our eyes/brains pick them up as visual cues. We can’t help but “connect the dots”, which lead inward toward the center, and that skews our perception of the reality of the parallel pattern. Then I blew them off the pattern to show that it is in fact parallel. Watching it slowly in reverse shows the effect of the illusion as it’s skewing our perception.