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The Bookplate Collection: Second Half

20 bookplates from the John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection at the University of Illinois Library
PK at BibliOdyssey featured bookplates from the first half of this database

Design by A. Dachenhausen, 1900
“Coat of arms: Escutcheon parted per fess, upper part or (gold) charged with an eagle displayed sable (black), lower part paly of six gules (red) and argent (silver), charged with a banner or (gold). Heume surmounted by a deer’s head argent, on either side wings paly gules and argent. Mantling. Artist’s monogram lower right: AD.”

“Chimpanzee, holding in one foot a caliper, sits on a pile of books contemplating a human skull;. On one book spine: ‘Darwin’; on an open book: ‘Eritis sicut deus’ (You will be as a god)” (more…)

The Bookplate Collection

The Ex Libris (bookplate) illustrations below were selected from the first half of the enormous John Starr Stewart Collection at the University of Illinois. Will from 50Watts sampled the back half of the same database: [The Bookplate Collection: Second Half].

ancient-Egypt themed bookplate engraving

George Clulow (undated)

“Against starry sky, bare-breasted Egyptian goddess wearing ankh pendant and holding sheaf and quill; ouroboros (snake with its tail in its mouth) surrounded open book with owner’s initials, book press and ink balls. Motto on banner: Lux in tenebris (Light in the shadows)”

stylised 1904 art nouveau ex libris illustration plate

Carolta Campins – bookplate by Joaquim Renart, 1904
“Tree eradicated (showing roots) with shield upon which is a lyre.”

fun bookplate engraving with man reading book sitting in a triangle

Denver Athletic Club Library – bookplate by Leota Woy, 1904
“Within triangular space, bald man in waistcoat and checkered pants
reads a book; below, a man runs with football, ‘DAC’ on his jersey.”

19th c. bookplate engraving : folded ribbon in ornate shell border

Henrietta Jane Adeane – bookplate by Harry Soane, 1883

“Printed in black and red. Within a picture frame, a lozenge escutcheon: vert (green) a chevron or (gold) charged with 3 mullets (stars) sable (black), between three griffin’s heads erased or (gold). Banner with originator’s name”

old bookplate (?18th c.) dove & ribbon banner

Robert Barclay – armorial (undated)