Periodic Table SYMBOLS in Order Song

The symbols of the periodic table, set to music. (Originally, and perhaps unwisely, entitled “Elements made Elementary” which hearkens back to an earlier version that included {gasp} actual words.)

Here are the “lyrics” if you’d like them to study:

HHe LiBe
VCrMnFe CoNiCuZnGaGe

AsSe BrKrRbSrY
ZrNbMoTcRuRh Pd Ag
CdInSnSb TeIXeCsBaLaCe
PrNdPmSm Eu Gd

TbDy HoErTmYbLu
HfTa WReOsIr Pt Au Hg
TlPb BiPoAtRn FrRa Ac!
ThPa U Np

PuAm CmBkCfEsFm
MdNoLrRf Db Sg
Bh! Hs! Mt! Ds!
Rg CnUut Uuq Uup Uuh Uus Uuo!

(View on YouTube)

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