Santtu’s Painterly 3D Illustrations Go Pop!

I really can’t pull my eyes away from these snappy illustrations by Santtu Mustonen. His highly unique style has a three dimensional, painterly look that is unlike anything I’ve seen. The renderings are as crisp as they are bright, many looking like extruded swirls of multi-colored wet paint. Only adding to the grip this work has on my attention, Santtu has animated a number of his illustrations in GIF form, giving them some of the smoothest and perfectly rendered motion I’ve seen from this sort of thing.

Santtu has been commissioned for plenty of inspiring projects. The illustration above, as well as a number more in this post, are from a series for the 2011 Flow Festival in Helsinki. The steadily rocking boat below is from a Wired Magazine article featuring some of the countries notable outlaw radio stations. His other work has ranged from sharp animations of products going Bang to a painterly fabric printed in his own signature aesthetic.

More illustrations by Santtu, who grew up in Finland and now resides in New York, can be found at

The picture below MUST be seen full-size, head to Santtu Mustonen’s site for larger images of his series Flow Festival.


(Via Visual News)

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