speed painting – just one in a thousand

I made this painting for the 1000Drawings project, it’s a one night exhibition for charity in Amsterdam, on May the 11th. There will be 1000 drawings for sale for the same low, accessible price (€10).. this is my partecipation to the event. So, I hope that someone among you will find my little watercolor and buy it!

Proceeds will be donated to support FairPen, which helps children in Uganda to run an editorial office with their peers, investigate issues, think critically, and publish handwritten, handdrawn newspapers to each other and to their local communities.

1000Drawings Website – http://1000drawingsamsterdam.nl/
1000Drawings Facebook – http://facebook.com/1000DrawingsAmsterdam


Final painting: http://agnes-cecile.deviantart.com/art/just-one-in-a-thousand-290157555

watercolor on paper (250g)
size: 21cm x 15cm
time: 1 hour and half

music: Kashiwa Daisuke – April.#7

(View on YouTube)

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