The Bookplate Collection: Second Half

20 bookplates from the John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection at the University of Illinois Library
PK at BibliOdyssey featured bookplates from the first half of this database

Design by A. Dachenhausen, 1900
“Coat of arms: Escutcheon parted per fess, upper part or (gold) charged with an eagle displayed sable (black), lower part paly of six gules (red) and argent (silver), charged with a banner or (gold). Heume surmounted by a deer’s head argent, on either side wings paly gules and argent. Mantling. Artist’s monogram lower right: AD.”

“Chimpanzee, holding in one foot a caliper, sits on a pile of books contemplating a human skull;. On one book spine: ‘Darwin’; on an open book: ‘Eritis sicut deus’ (You will be as a god)”

Design by M. H.
“Partly bald man trapped in stocks made of two rows of books supported either side by feather pens.”

Design by K. Rosnyai
“Owl classroom: teacher owl stands beside blackboard with letters and holds open book and pointer, 6 student owls in a line attend.”

“Dock of books and carved waves”

“World globe with glasses reads an open book, text on cover and spine”

Design by Aiglon (Attila Sassy), 1911
“Naked woman places chaplet on head of man in robe, who points to a large skull at their feet.”
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Design by Marguerite Edwards, 1901
“Snake twines around cup and torches”

Design by Kraus
“Printed in black on blue paper. Bird’s-eye view of Lisbon.”

Design by Harry Townsend

Design by L. Brunet
“Caricature of Liszt as hand-puppet watches screeching cat claw strings of a guitar”

Design by Mary Dodd
“Elegantly dressed young girl is driven in a carriage past a line of poor girls.”

Design by Anne M. Danielsen, 1948
“Alice in Wonderland, Little Bo Peep, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the bears, pigs, mice and fish in corners.”

Design by Alfred Petrasch, 1904
“Stylized house, trees and sun.”

Design by Bernard Linnig, 1903
“Dragon on open book, shining sun in background”

“Stack of books framed by wreath, top book open to picture of steam engine from early railroad.”

Design by Ralph L. Reed, 1902
“Old camera on tripod, crossed rifle and fishing pole, and books against and between two leafy trees with roots.”

Design by H. David
“Man in legal wig reading a manuscript at his desk, behind him a towering skeleton; on a small ledge, a fetus in a glass jar. Books with legible spine labels, incl. “Johnson’, ‘De motu cordis’, ‘Theobald’s Shakespeare’, ‘Smollett’, ‘Akenside’, ‘Hippocrates’, ‘Pope’s Homer’, ‘The Works of William Smellie’.”

William Edgar Fisher, 1902
“Snake winding around apple, surmounted by tree with 6 books; above, angels hanging from ribbons; kneeling naked figure looks up at the central design.”

“Masked heart and spinning top.”

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