The shape of things to come

Some people may have actually noticed that I’ve started this site. Some may have shown up here from Facebook, or I suppose from Twitter. Certainly there seem to be people actually ending up here from various places, so perhaps an explanation is in order.

Last summer, I decided to set up some sort of system to keep track of things that I came across online, maybe write down a few thoughts about links or images… fairly typical these days. I settled on Tumblr, mainly because of the simple, spartan nature of its interface, and because of the presence of an API, which would allow me to automate various aspects of running the site.

As time passed, I found the Tumblr blog evolved somewhat. Instead of serving as a catch-all for a variety of content, it has turned into something that consists largely of visual art. Much of the other sorts of content I used to post to Tumblr when I started out has now fallen by the wayside, and I haven’t used it much as a place to post commentary. This is not a bad thing at all, and it has been interesting and fun posting things there. However I was still left with the desire to have an online archive of materials, and a place for posts that are at times more than just pictures.

Thus this site, which is composed of a “blog” (the front page posts) and an “archive” (a receptacle of things I bookmark, favourite, or otherwise flag in various services). The Tumblr content feeds here automatically and will continue to do so.

The immediate problem, however, and the reason I am writing this, is that the site is without a real design as of yet, and knowing that there are actual humans looking at the thing on occasion, I must apologize for the state it is in. I’m working on it, or at least thinking about it. Sometimes, finding the time to squeeze in extra-curricular work can be difficult to come by, and I want to do a half-decent job — something clean, simple, and responsive. It’ll happen, and hopefully sooner than later.

In the meantime I welcome any comments through the site, e-mail, or look up @chatsubo on Twitter if you’re so inclined.

2 thoughts on “The shape of things to come

  1. Iain K. MacLeod


    P.S. I am inspired because I’ve been ignoring my set-up for awhile now. I need something more reliable and I think you are on the right track for sure.

    1. John Post author

      The Fox Is Black just launched a redesign that has many of the qualities I’m thinking of. They did a pretty good responsive design. One thing that will stay is the perma-scroll home page.


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