Military Uniform Caricatures

The illustrations of military uniform caricatures below were found among the magnificent Prints, Drawings, and Watercolors site from the Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

All the images in this post have been extensively background cleaned and, although you can click through on each picture below to access much larger versions, Brown U’s website hosts very high resolution, large format files.

watercolour sketch of Indian soldier in gold uniform & monocle

Indian ‘Cavalree’ Skinners Horse

Date: 1910
Artist: Snaffles
Notes: gouache on grey board; from a pair of semi-caricatures

ink sketch caricature of French cavalry soldier with undersized head

French Carabinier, I Empire

Date: 1910
Artist: Leopoldo Cenni
Notes: pen/ink drawing measuring about 26 x 20 inches

watercolour drawing of artillery soldier, white tunic, pith helmet - humorous caricature render

Royal Artillery

Date: 1910
Artist: E., G.
Notes: gouache sketch, soldier decked out in tropical kit

absurd stylised sketch of turn-of-the-century infantry soldier super-skinny legs

2nd Queen’s Own Rajput Light Infantry

Date: 1910
Artist: GH Brennan
Notes: The 2nd Rajput^ was originally established as a Bengal Native Battalion in 1798 and brought under royal authority with the declaration of Queen Victoria as Empress of India in 1876. {from a series of four watercolour sketches}

musthachioed caricature painting of English soldier in uniform 19th c.

12th (The Prince of Wales’s) Royal Lancers. Full dress

Date: 1880 (that’s probably the date of the uniform. The artist wasn’t active until 1888 and this sketch was most likely produced in the first decade of the 20th century)
Artist: A Roberson
Notes: Formed from a regiment of dragoons^ and bearing the badge of the three ostrich feathers, the 12th Royal Lancers^ were independently operational as a British cavalry regiment from 1715 until 1960.

Scottish soldier - comical appearance

The Cameronians

Date: 1908
Artist: GH Brennan
Notes: Watercolour and gouache; the unusual texture is from significant paint cracking and flake loss. [The Cameronians^ was a Scottish rifle regiment(1881) in the British Army, with its descendant units disbanded over about the last forty years]

caricature of 1860s English foot infantryman with mutton chop sideburns

67th South Hampshire Regiment

Date: 1864 (uniform date) 1910 (sketch date)
Artist: GH Brennan
Notes: subjects^ – “soldiers in art” “caricatures and cartoons” “history 19th century” “uniforms”

red lancer marine soldier with feathered hat & red uniform jacket

A Red Lancer

Date: 1912
Artist: Charles Johnston Payne (d. 1967)
Notes: from Payne’s watercolour sketch series, ‘Impressions of the Army’ ::::: [W]- “Although the lance had its greatest impact in the charge, lancers were vulnerable against other cavalry, as the lance proved a clumsy and ineffective weapon (compared to the sabre) at close quarters. By the late 19th century, many cavalry regiments were composed of troopers with lances (as well as sabres or other secondary weapons) in the front rank and men with sabres in the second, the lances for the initial shock and sabres for the mêlée.”

ultra-skinny comical side-on sketch of large bearskin hat-wearing soldier

Minden Day – Lancashire Fusiliers

Date: 1908
Artist: GH Brennan
Notes: 3rd (of 5) in an unnamed watercolour series of military personnel caricatures. [W]-“Minden Day is a regimental anniversary celebrated on August 1 by certain units of the British Army. It commemorates the participation of the forerunners of the regiments in the Battle of Minden on that date in 1759. The celebration of the day involves the wearing of “Minden Roses” on the regimental head dress, and, in the case of the infantry regiments, the decoration of the regimental colours with garlands of roses.” {MoD}

caped Prussian soldier watercolour sketch

Oesterreich-Ungarische Armee
11o. Dragoner-Reg. (Dienst-uniform)

Date: 1900-1912
Artist: J Ronni
Notes: This cloaked cavalryman sketch is from a group of 120 original caricature illustrations on postcards of Austro-Hungarian military uniforms, which is part of a larger collection of 805 postcards of various national armies.

ridiculous caricature sketch of Austro-Hungarian soldier marching exaggeratedly

Oesterreich-Ungarische Armee – Landwehr Infantry

Date: 1900-1912
Artist: J Ronni
Notes: Austro-Hungarian infantryman. {From the same caricature series and larger postcard set as above} [reminds me somewhat of

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