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Big Ben in Scaffolding

Congratulations to all the people who prepared London for the successful opening ceremonies of the summer olympics.

Here’s a sketch I did of Big Ben back in 1985, when it was covered in scaffolding. (I’m a huge fan of scaffolding.)

Here’s a close-up detail. When I’m drawing a subject like this, which is infinitely complex, I try to be accurate but impressionistic, suggesting detail with somewhat abstract strokes drawn in perspective.

I used two hardnesses of graphite pencil, HB and 2B, as well as a little bit of light gray ink wash.

On Monday I’ll be giving a talk on composition at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. July 30, 2012 @ 6:30 pm.


George Stuart’s interpretation of the Borgia family

George Stuart George Stuarts interpretation of the Borgia family

I came across this work while searching on Google for how the Borgia family would look in real life, and not their portrayals in paintings and movies. The genius behind these portraits is George Stuart, a talented artist who has created numerous portrait statues of historical figures.

(Via Lost At E Minor: For creative people)