the anchor, bankside

the anchor, southwark
This old London pub is on the south bank of the Thames, not too far away from Borough Market in Southwark, and was all decked out for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It was built in 1615, and the interior was full of old woodwork and passing tourists. When I sat down to sketch there was also a massive horde of shaven-headed England football fans, filling up the tank before Jubilee-lining it to Wembley for a pre-Euro 2012 warm-up match against Belgium. They left by the time I reached street level in the drawing so it gave me a better view. I considered sticking around and drawing an interior sketch as well, but the long queues at the bar and the lack of real old pub atmosphere (the tourist days really aren’t the best days for that I imagine) put me off, so I went to Borough Market and got the best grilled halloumi sandwich I have ever eaten. I love London.

(Via Urban Sketchers)

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