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Diana Beltran Herrera

Diana Beltran Herrera’s works are founded in a curiosity for this world we live in. As she states, “I feel inspired about everything. There is a lot of information everywhere, in each thing that exists, in nature, animals, humans, everything that has a life, a shape, a colour.” The work above mimics how birds interact with one another. There is a confusion in the death of another animal. Along with this look into the psychology of birds, we also see into their physical body.

The materials in Herrera’s work are also significant, and are used to show her theme of the temporality and fragility of life, “Temporality and change, all the process that is hidden in the creation. As an artist I recreate the process of nature, this experience teaches me the time that it takes for life to form, to grow, to find its own place and way in the universe. To work with paper is important in that it is temporal and fragil. It contains a life and a process of transformation. I am concerned about how little interest we have in nature, and with my work I hope i can help in the reflexion of those things that will dissapear soon.”

For more of Herrera’s work, click here.

– Lee Jones

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