Campo del Cielo, Field of the Sky (Katie Paterson)

A large Campo del Cielo meteorite, which has been travelling through space and time for over four and a half billion years, has been cast, melted, and then re-cast back into a new version of itself, retaining its original form. A newly formed yet still ancient meteorite, still imbued with its cosmic history. The iron, small rocks, metal and dust inside becomes reformed, and the layers of its cosmic lifespan – the warping of space and time, the billions of years of pressure and change, formation and erosion – become collapsed, transformed and renewed.

In years to come, the meteorite will be launched into space.

The meteorite is currently installed on Exhibition Road, London. The artwork was commissioned by The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and DREAM for the Exhibition Road Show 2012.

Film by Giorgia Polizzi
Sound by Michael Hodgson

(View on Vimeo)

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