Reveal the Rembrandt: Round 7

Throughout the years, scholars, critics, and art lovers have debated the authenticity of many Rembrandt paintings. In the spirit of these debates, we’ve taken one detail from a Rembrandt work you’ll see in our exhibit, “Rembrandt in America,” and one detail from a piece in the MIA’s permanent collection. The question is, can you Reveal the Rembrandt?

Can you guess which detail is from a Rembrandt painting?

Detail 1

Detail 2

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Check next week when we Reveal the Rembrandt to see if you are correct!

Last week’s round:

Detail 1

Detail 2

Answer: Detail 1 was taken from

England, Portrait of Robert Devereux, Second Earl of Essex, 1599, oil on panel. The John Washburn Fund, 24.24

Detail 2 was taken from

Rembrandt van Rijn; Self-Portrait with Shaded Eyes; 1634; Oil on panel; 26 1/8 x 30 x 2 5/8 in.;

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