Reveal the Rembrandt: Round 8

Throughout the years, scholars, critics, and art lovers have debated the authenticity of many Rembrandt paintings. In the spirit of these debates, we’ve taken one detail from a Rembrandt work you’ll see in our exhibit, “Rembrandt in America,” and one detail from a piece in the MIA’s permanent collection. The question is, can you Reveal the Rembrandt?

Can you guess which detail is from a Rembrandt painting?

Detail 1

Detail 2

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Check next week when we Reveal the Rembrandt to see if you are correct!

Last week’s round:

Detail 1

Detail 2

Answer: Detail 1 was taken from

Rembrandt van Rijn; “Joris de Caulerii”; 1632; Oil on canvas transferred to panel; 54 3/4 x 47 1/4 x 5 in.; Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; Roscoe and Margaret Oakes Collection 66.31

Detail 2 was taken from

Circle of Van Dyck (Flemish, 17th century), Portrait of Adriaan Hannemann, c. 1630, oil on canvas. Gift of Mrs. Clarence O. Termoen, 61.1.

Be sure to visit “Rembrandt in America” on view through September 16.

(Via Minneapolis Institute of Arts – The Bubbler)

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