OK, technically these sketches are not from Will Eisner’s “sketchbook,” they are preliminary drawings he did to guide his ghost artist, Lou Fine, in creating the finished art for The Spririt comic strip.

I find it interesting that no matter how brusque and hurried these layouts are, and no matter how many thousands of panels he had already drawn, Eisner was still motivated to play outside the panel borders with little doodles and sketches:

These preliminary sketches showed the essentials of what Eisner thought needed to be in his strip.

All of the trademark closeups and angle shots can be found in Eisner’s road map.

Eisner leaves several notes for his ghost artist in the margins

I am not the world’s biggest admirer of the draftsmanship in Eisner’s finished strips but I am a true fan of the imagination, heart and humor in Eisner’s work.


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