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Carrier pigeon bones with message found in chimney

Carrier pigeon remainsIn 1982, David Martin and his wife Anne were renovating the fireplace in their 17th century house in Bletchingley, Surrey. The fireplace had been sealed off for many years, and the Martins wanted to restore it to its former functional splendor. They removed the asbestos protective liner and behind it found the original Victorian fireplace. Excited by the find, they began to clear out the chimney, which had for years been the home of birds who had packed it with twigs and nesting materials. As they pulled out the twig stuffing, bird bones came down with it, first a breastbone, then a skull, then a leg with an aluminium ring around it. The ring made them realize these weren’t the remains of a lazy old nesting bird, but rather a gainfully employed one like a racing pigeon. Then the second leg came down and it had a red plastic capsule attached to it. The red color of the capsule marked the bird as a military carrier pigeon for the Allied Forces in World War II.


This is a note written by Evelyn Lincoln, the personal…

This is a note written by Evelyn Lincoln, the personal secretary to President John F. Kennedy.

Several hours after Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963, Lincoln, who had been in the President’s motorcade, was flown back to Washington on Air Force One. During the flight she composed this list of potential suspects. The list reads:

  • Lyndon
  • KKK
  • Dixiecrats
  • Hoffa
  • John Birch Society
  • Nixon
  • Diem
  • Rightist
  • CIA in Cuban fiasco
  • Dictators
  • Communists

Several years afterwards, she added the note on the reverse of the list, which reads:

“There is no end to the list of suspected conspirators to Pres. Kennedy murder. Many factions had their reasons for wanting the young president dead. That fact alone illustrates how the world suffers from a congenital proclivity to violence.” (more…)