LUX, Brian Eno – Day of Light

To coincide with the release of LUX, the album was broadcast at four times during Saturday 17th November 2012 via

Listeners were invited to upload photos as part of an evolving public audio-visual project named ‘DAY OF LIGHT’

The four plays were selected to capture different lighting – from sunrise, day, sunset and night.
Submissions were encouraged under a theme ‘play of light’ and were curated by Eno and his team in real time.

This film archives just 4 minutes of Eno’s favourites from over 6,000 submissions.
Brian Eno and Warp Records would like to thank everyone who helped make the project a success:

San Anselmo – Berkeley, CA // Nicholas Liber – Athens, Greece // Dave Weekes – Tokushima, Japan // Mei-Ling Grey – United Kingdom // Dave Weekes – Tokushima, Japan // Pablo Adrian Medina – Mexico City // Barbara Keating – Newcastle, UK // Peter Davidson – Sweden // Kovachio – Ohio, USA // Delfina Colzani – Buenos Aires, Argentina // Sanya Tudor – Croatia // Jim Briare – Las Vegas, USA // Jan Maghder – Varberg, Sweden // Igor Vorona – Thessaloniki, Greece // George Davis – Michigan, USA // Grigory Ortega

(View on YouTube)

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