Super Hero by Agan Harahap

A beautiful use of photo manipulation and creativity in a series entitled “SUPER HERO” by Agan Harahap, a digital photographer and Illustrator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The series merges super heroes with historic moments. For more of Agan’s work, check him at Deviantart or Behance.

At first glance, Agan Harahap’s SUPERHISTORY appears to be a tongue-in-cheek look at world history: Superman with Allied troops at the Normandy D-Day Landings; Batman inspecting paratroopers just before they board their airplanes to participate in the first assault in the invasion of the European continent; Darth Vader at the Meeting of Yalta with Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. By inserting popular culture icons into photographs of historic world events, Indonesian photographer, Agan Harahap, forces us to rethink history and the way we remember the past. Conflating historical events with fictional characters that have become so much a part of our popular imagination onto the photographic plane, his pictures have cleverly tricked us momentarily into believing that these characters exist and were present to witness these events.

506995 550x595 Super Hero by Agan Harahap
506994 550x436 Super Hero by Agan Harahap
506993 550x365 Super Hero by Agan Harahap
506992 550x231 Super Hero by Agan Harahap
506991 550x410 Super Hero by Agan Harahap
506990 550x407 Super Hero by Agan Harahap
506989 550x452 Super Hero by Agan Harahap
506988 550x674 Super Hero by Agan Harahap

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