The Cameraman’s Revenge (1912) Władysław Starewicz

This very early silent era stop-motion film was made by Władysław Starewicz in imperial Russia in 1912. He used real insects to create the story. In the story the beetle and his wife both show their infidelity. The beetle while on a business trip goes to a nightclub and picks up a mistress, the dragonfly. While at the nightclub the beetle angers the grasshopper who also wanted to take out the dragonfly. So when the beetle goes back to the motel with the dragonfly the grasshopper follows and gets his revenge by recording them on camera kissing.

Meanwhile back at the beetle residence the wife beetle also entertains a male friend who is also a grasshopper. The husband beetle gets home just after the wife kisses her grasshopper “friend.” Quickly the grasshopper goes up the chimney and the wife kisses her husband hello. But he is unhappy when he sees the hat and painting of another man in his den. He breaks the painting over his wifes head.

Later they appear to have reconciled as the go to see a film. But the camera man is the grasshopper from earlier that filmed the beetle and his mistress. He plays his film for the crowd and Mr. and Mrs. Beetle. Angered Mrs. Beetle hits Mr. Beetle with an umbrella and in the ensuing chaos the theatre gets wrecked and Mr. Beetle attacks the grasshopper. At the end of the film Mr. and Mrs. Beetle appear to be in jail.

Moral of the story: Don’t cheat on your spouse it will only come back to haunt you!

(View on YouTube)

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