A Girl and her Submarine, 1918

JF Ptak Science Books  

I could hardly resist this 1918 image:  the young girl, the hands in her pockets, the ribbons on her chest, her submarine fashioned over a tricycle, the two flags (Stars and Stripes and the Union Jack).

WWI photo--girl submarine249

The sun is low, rising or setting, and it is catching the girl in the face, the home-fashioned cardboard visor of her home-grown officer’s headgear doing nohing to shade her eyes.  She’s in her dress whites, maybe proud of someone else’s handiwork on her ten foot long submarine. 

The image comes from a small archive of WWI  news service photos, this one no doubt intended to stir some home fires to help raise money or spirits.  I have no idea of the image was ever published. 

And of course the details:

WWI photo--girl submarine250

And this of the stern flag, the Union Jack:

WWI photo--girl submarine251

And this, with the hand-sewn eagle on the hand-made jacket, with all of the trimmings a creation of mom, or someone else as kind:

WWI photo--girl submarine252

And you can purchase the original: World War I news service photo, made 1918.  8×6 inches.  Good condition.  $350

By: Ptak Science Books
Via: Feedbin Starred Entries
Source: http://j.mp/1mUM9Gn

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