30 Vintage Movie Posters from Japan

Kiyoshi Awazu, poster for Double Suicide, 1969 (Awazu on 50 Watts)

Medea (1971)

Kurosawa’s own artwork for Dodes’ka-den (Clickety Clack), 1970

Kurosawa’s own artwork for Dodes’ka-den (Clickety Clack), 1970

“Young Miss” (Ojo san) movie poster, 1930
via Pink Tentacle

The four posters from the sorely missed Pink Tentacle come from the Japanese-language book Modernism on Paper: Japanese Graphic Design of the 1920s-30s.

“May 1” movie poster by Hiromu Hara, 1928-1929
via Pink Tentacle

Tadanori Yokoo’s poster for Diary of a Shinjuku Thief, 1969
via Gurafiku

For a Few Dollars More, 1967

A Fistful of Dollars, 1965

Shoot the Piano Player, 1960

Masculin FĂ©minin, 1966
via Zero Focus

The Birds, 1963

Repulsion, 1965

House, 1977
via Gurafiku

Symphonie der Liebe, 1949

Ecstasy, 1930s

Kriemhild’s Revenge, 1925
via Pink Tentacle

In Old Arizona, 1929

Rififi, 1955

Les Enfants Terribles, 1960s


Onibaba, 1964

Pokolenie, 1981

Play it Again, Sam, 1972

Fantastic Voyage, 1966

The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse, 1960

The Ghoul, 1933


“An intriguing piece of film history. Bound together in this unique volume is a collection of promotional material (mainly, ‘Chirashi’), touting American films released in Japan in the early 1930s.”

Kuroneko, 1968

Wild Bunch, 1969

Magazine ad for “Seishun Zukai” movie, 1931
via Pink Tentacle

The majority of the scans here are from expired auction listings at Heritage Auctions (ha.com). There’s a whole blog of them too at JapaneseMoviePosters.
I put some Japanese horror movie posters on my tumblr. (Including one which makes Michael Myers look like a Simpsons character.)
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