A Painted Graffiti for the First Nuclear-Powered Electricity

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This issue of Nucleonics (published by McGraw-Hill beginning in 1947) celebrates the very first production of electricity by nuclear power.  The simple and charming painted declaration on the side of the experimental breeder reactor (EBR-1) at the National Reactor Testing Station in Arco, Idaho (a National Laboratory) commemorates the occasion, which occurred two months earlier, on December 21, 1951.  This was research carried out to see if the breeder reactor was a feasible and workable possibility–and the team, lead by William H. Zinn who “signs” the document first, concludes that this was the case. This remained an experimental unit until it was deactivated in 1964–though it did suffer a partial meltdown in 1956.  In any event, I wanted to share this simple declaration of success for a major achievement. 


By: Ptak Science Books
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