NCC-1701 Rotating Dirigible Hangar, 1935

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Aviation dirigible162

I’ve seen a number of “found” USS Enterprise outlines in antique images recently: this one occurs in the May 1935 issue of Popular Science Monthly. This image shows a proposal for a versatile hangar for dirigibles: the airship could moor itself to a traveling mooring mast that looks like it could do a 360 on tacks around the landing area, and then brought down to a landing on the circular pad, which can be lowered to place the dirigible in an attached hangar.  It looks as though multiple hangars could be attached to this complex.  

Here’s another view, from the cover–a non-“found” NCC-1701 design:

Aviation dirigible163

The days of the great airships were pretty numbered by this point, its future only 600 days away or so from crashing and burning along with the Hindenburg in May 1937. 

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