Sunset on Mars: A Digital Print Made of Thousands of Climbing Figures by Woojin Chang

Fascinating work by Korean artist Woojin Chang depicting abstract peaks and valleys set against utopian skies, but on close-up reveals thousands of climbing figures. Part of his Human-scape series, the 29-foot-wide digital print which Chang did in 2012 as part of his art school thesis was created from about three dozen oil stick and crayon figure drawings which he scanned and repeated countless times in their digitized form. The figures are seen climbing over each other in their futile attempts to reach the top and exist as part of a paradoxical landscape, from which there is no escape and there is nowhere else to go.

Lumped together and working toward an unrecognizable goal, they are the embodiment of our desire to exceed and rise above others. It is this endless longing for ascension that becomes the very energy that supports the mega-structure of my image, a structure that we’ve formed for ourselves and are engulfed in.

By: Faith is Torment | Art and Design Blog
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