A Fine Locomotive Schematic, 1928

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I’ve admired this image for quite some time, finding it in the Library of Congress’ collection of the Historical Section of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) color photographs.  It is anonymous, unfortunately, but since there were really only 23 or so staff photographers for this gigantic undertaking (including Esther Bubley, Marjory Collins, Mary Post Wolcott, Arthur Rothstein, Walker Evans, Russell Lee, Jack Delano, Gordon Parks, Charlotte Brooks, John Vachon, Carl Mydans, Dorothea Lange, and Ben Shahn, ten of which are truly monumental names in the history of 20th century American photography) I think that we could guess that it was done by the hands of a master.  It seems as though less than 2% of the 163,000 or so photographs made by this section during its eight-year run (1937-1945) were made in color, and I’m glad that this was one of them. 

This photo reminded me of a very detailed, three foot long locomotive schematic that I have in the studio.  It is a wonderful thing, and I’ve included some images of it below, all of which are clickable and very expandable (and clearer).  Here’s the first detail:


Loco _2_detail

[For info on the locomotive, see http://j.mp/1kvWzio]

Loco _2

And the full locomotive, laterally, and large–I couldn’t straighten it out without loss of text, so apologies for the miscue:



By: JF Ptak Science Books
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Source: http://j.mp/1RSWDr8

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