[By Behzad Bagheri in Isfahan, Iran] She said politely that she hopes I build a day such a great building, not only copy it again and again on my paper.

I said: I am not sure if I can design or make such a wonderful structure a day, but I think it is more essential to observe surrounding. Again and again.
And sketching helps me.
Observation opens a window in our heart. It’s also important to see carefully ourselves and what happens here in mind when we are looking at around.


It is not a duty but an essential need for letting that window to be open in heart. Maybe a day a fresh air will blow through the window.

 It will have effects on all aspects of life. Creativity is also in the process. It will be a result. Of course it has not been a goal from the first time.


If I would not be serious about observation, and just eager to be creative, the result will be what we see in different aspects of our lives, such as our recent architecture.
Thank you for begining this discussion. I think a good subject encourage me to think and find different dimentions of issues. 

By: Urban Sketchers
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