Actual WW1 Soldier’s letter sent from trenches in France 1915 via /r/history

Actual WW1 Soldier’s letter sent from trenches in France 1915

So I found a LOT of boxes (one such box: ) of letters in my mother's loft/attic. Hundreds. Some from WW1, the rest from WW2. They are completely original, in envelopes, with post marks etc, and in pretty good condition.

I have not read all of them, only a handful mostly from WW1 from some young soldiers in the trenches. I thought this one was interesting as the soldier mentions German snipers and ruined French towns (and some fairly mundane things too), dated 22 Aug 1915 – sent to my great grandparents by this young man in the army, in the trenches, fighting the Germans, in the north east of France near the border with Belgium.

The letter is from Private Edward Currie, 12th Battalion, Highland Light Infantry, British Expeditionary Force. He was killed on 25 Sept 1915, 34 days after writing this, and is buried in Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France. It is quite hard to read from the images, here is a transcription:

"Pte Edw. Currie 19054, D Coy, 12th Batt, H.L.I, B.E.F., 22nd Aug 1915

Dear Mam,

I now take time to write to you, as I know you are anxious to hear from me. I had made up my mind not to write to you again, after our little difference of opinion, but it was against my grain, as I know you were always interested in me, and I know it would be too bad not to let you know how I am getting along whilst in the trenches. I am in the trenches at present, having a lively time of it, and quite realise the murderous work the Germans are doing. Censorship prevents me telling the names of places I have been in, but they are a sight. Beautiful garden citys with no sign of life whatsoever, with these many mansions furnished complete, with the roof blown off, or the gables of the wall shattered, with these many shells, as one goes further along only skeleton of houses are to be seen. Our Dugouts in the trenches are furnished with mirrors, chairs, etc, making things making things look cosy and comfortable. Those being had from the ruined houses close at hand. By day our sentries watch over the parapet just across to the enemy's trenches a few hundred yards away. If there heads were to be seen, they are sure to be shot at, and they are pretty good shots too. They possess a set of men called snipers who seem to be everywhere, that one can't be too sure where he goes in case he is within range of one of these fellows. this is all I can say about trench life in the meantime, it is giving you an idea what is the case (?) in some of the many places in France. I saw Mr <Name>'s brother in (one) of the villages I have been in he was taking over our billets (?) for his battallion the 10th Gordons as we were leaving for the trenches. I myself am having a good time of it and have nothing to complain off, although we aren't getting it all our own way. I <word> to be <word> <word> to all the boys, and to those who are anxious to know how I am keeping. I will close in the meantime, hoping you all spent an enjoyable holiday camp, thoughts of it reminding me of Monkton (?), and the good times I have spent there.

From yours truly Eddy Currie"

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