Russian Paintings in London

Several well known folklore paintings from Russia’s classic age of imaginative realism are on show in London at the Mall Galleries.

Ilya Repin, Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom

Sadko is a hero from a medieval epic. Musician, gambler, and adventurer, he traveled to the sea floor where the “Sea Tsar” or king of the mermen provided him with his choice of a bride.

Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov, The Flying Carpet

According to a press release, these paintings were acquired by Art Russe from a noble family.

EDIT. The Sadko painting and perhaps some of the other ones in the London show may be copies, done either by Repin or another artist. The original of Sadko is on view right now in Holland (Link for more info). Thanks, Damian and Annelotte.

Victor Vasnetsov (1848–1926) Alionushka
1881, Oil on canvas, 167 × 107 cm

They’re currently part of an exhibition on Russian folktale art at The Mall Galleries, London until January 6. It’s free to get in, but check the website because it may only be open to the public tomorrow and the next day.

Not included in the exhibition are the following studies for Repin’s Sadko painting.

He probably painted the color comp from his imagination, and then the head studies from models.

Thanks, Damian Johnston

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