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Mothership Ship Calculator – First Draft via /r/osr

Mothership Ship Calculator – First Draft

Just picked up Mothership. I think it's pretty good, but some of the rules are a bit too complicated to be "table ready". The character creation process is smooth and fast moving, but the ship creation rules are a slog, with multiple calculations requiring values to be stored and transferred across the sheet.

This is a first draft of a google spreadsheet, intended purely to simplify the process of calculation. You go from top to bottom, inputting the values you want into the green cells, and the sheet does the rest, populating the other fields and spitting out stats for your ship. It lacks the flavor of hand writing the paper sheet, but does all the math for you. You can use it to stat up a ship for players to use, or quickly generate an enemy or NPC vessel based on the numbers given in the book. It also gives you more immediate feedback on the cost of your creation than manually crunching the numbers, making it easier to build something within a specific budget.

There are a couple of immediate problems with it right now

  • It wasn't clear to me from the rules text where rounding was intended to be applied. The example ship seems to have no fractions so maybe it's intended to be done after every division. I've applied it at the final hull stage and a couple other stages of the process where it wouldn't make sense to have a decimal value, such as engines.

  • It's possible to break the automation through the right sequence of events. The number of computers is determined by a formula, since the minimum has to be equal to the number of jump drives. If you add extra computers beyond that, manually increasing the value wipes out the formula. That would mean that increasing the number of jump drives after that point wouldn't increase your mandatory maximum of computers

Once I know I've got the math and content nailed down, I might try to format it so that it outputs the results of the construction process into something a little nicer looking – something more closely resembling the ship sheet from the book. It might be good to put the formulas and construction process on one page, feeding into the ship stats and flavor/free response fields (weapons, name, cargo, etc) on another sheet.

(The holy grail would be something that outputs the values to a form fillable version of the PDF sheet, but that's a little beyond what I hope to achieve here. Right now the endgame is laboriously transferring the values to a printed sheet so you can draw your vessel, which is less than ideal)

Copy it to your google drive, play around with it and tell me what you think.


Pamphlet Dungeons via /r/osr

Pamphlet Dungeons

I made a couple dungeons that didn't quite fit the one page format so I made them into pamphlets. They are available as PWYW downloads from Itch and DriveThruRPG. Monster stats are written with Knave in mind but should be easy to use with other old school games.

Temple Of The Bat Serpent and The Mephitic Laboratory Of The Pescamancer

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