[Hive-mind] 1d10 Haunted Rooms Aboard A Ship via /r/mothershiprpg

[Hive-mind] 1d10 Haunted Rooms Aboard A Ship

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  1. Airlock Three: Nobody uses this airlock anymore. Its probably just some freaky EMF or something, but it always feels like someone else is in there with you, personal life support kit gets moved around or outright disappears, something keeps rattling the decking like its REALLY pissed off, and Warrant Officer Benson saw that screaming woman's face peering in from OUTSIDE, just before the decompression accident.

  2. Cursed Container A large shipping container in a designated partition of the cargo hold. Scans show that it's empty. This is technically correct. Anyone who enters the container and has the door locked is transported into a pitch black void. Once the container is locked, it cannot be opened from the inside. Listening closely reveals whispers in the darkness. Some say the whispers are the voices of the dead, while others say the whispers are whatever you want them to be. Time passes differently in the container. Some people stay in for what feels like hours and come out to find only seconds have passed, while others stay in for seconds and come out to find that hours have passed.

  3. The Whisper Vent: There’s a certain vent, in a hallway on the lower deck, with peculiar acoustic qualities — if you put your ear to its grille, you can eavesdrop on conversations happening anywhere on the ship. But sometimes, as you hold your breath and strain to hear, you hear your own voice, up there, talking with your crewmates.

  4. Med Bay 4. There's a lot of legends as to why Med Bay 4 is bad – from a serial killer who used it to torture multiple victims, to the idea that it's haunted by the ghost of clumsy old Doc Bonsio, or even that the autdoc has some extraterrestrial parts that make it recognize humans as animals needing butchery. The important part is that it has a 30% lower survival rate than the other bays.

  5. The back hallway. We don’t take the back hallway anymore, the one that cuts from cargo to medbay 2. It’s shorter, but we don’t take it all the same. It’s cold for one thing. And the light flickers. Dave saw his grandmother there, the one he left behind on his homeworld. And Sissy always hears footsteps running back and forth. Glad I don’t have her bunk. She says she can hear it every night. Captain thinks it’s dumb. But Jeffries has been heading back and spending a lot of time in the back hallway. Every night he goes back there. He says he’s closing it up for good. Might as well not risk it. I went back there last night and saw that he had done it. Closed the whole thing up. Welded it shut with spare metal and scrap. Closed the thing right shut. From the inside. I can still hear him.

  6. Terminal Aux4 Sure you can sit in the jumpseat. Just don't take the cardboard taped to the monitor off. You don't want to. The Ship gets along fine without the Aux-tac plotter anyhow. Sheen used to sit there – bad decomp accident, she shoulda know better, should checked the seals – she was a smart women. Good with computers, and I guess she left something behind in the terminal. Least we think it was her – a game I guess. It just keeps asking if we want to 'Continue' or ' Restart from last save' and shows the last images from her suit camera. Messy. On loop.

  7. The Wet Room: I mean, that’s what the crew calls it. It’s a storage closet, actually. Don’t use it much. It’s just — one of the walls is always dripping wet, for some reason. And, just the damndest thing — I could swear it flinches if you touch it.

  8. The Roost: What are you doing in there? No one goes in there. There was this rooster come aboard, you see. Someone was reading about sacrificial traditions and we thought it would build up the team to make a cultural exercise of it.

That stain on the ceiling? It won't come out. There's a burn mark by your feet in the shape of letters we can't decipher. They appear only when we're passing through a solar storm. Every time someone walks through there, they always trip or slip within the hour, no fail.

  1. The engine room There is this strange spot in one of the corners in the engine room. It kind of looks like corrosion but it's not. The strange thing is that some times I find myself standing there, just staring at that spot, with no recollection of how I got there or how long I've been looking at it. The other day I walked in on the captain standing in that corner and I could hear him whispering to the wall. He claims he has no memory of it. I'll have to ask him again about it because I could swear I heard him mentioning my name…

  2. They call med-bay 4 the charnelhouse now. After passage south to the stores, engine and command was blocked for sixth months, and them with no tools but medical and a whole load filled cryopods, they got creative. Can hear gurgles over the nearby vents sometimes. And, now an accident with Sara's biopsy – she'll never use that eye again. The captain has ordered we're not to use medbay 4 from now on. Can't seem to keep the stains out though.

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