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30 carefully curated Spotify Playlists for RPG

Hi folks! A year ago I started putting together a Spotify Playlist series for D&D sessions. In the meantime there are 30 playlists that I’d like to share with you. They are constantly updated and refined, and there will be more in the future.

Overground Exploration

  • Ambient Exploration – Abstract and blurry sound textures for calm, relaxing, neutral mood exploration
  • Fantasy Exploration – The positive, orchestral side of exploration focusing on the macro of beautiful landscapes
  • Mystic Exploration – Exploration with a (mostly) neutral sense of uncertainty, focus on overground investigation
  • Mountains – Underscore music with subtle sense of majestic and epic
  • Forest – Positive, slightly magical, organic tone
  • Ice & Snow – Calm, partially tense, relentless
  • Night Atmosphere – Very calm and relaxing

Towns/ Village/ Camp/ Preparation

Tense Exploration

  • Desolation – Calm, empty, dismal, slightly hopeless
  • Ambivalent – Undefined, slightly contradictory mood, not hinting in any direction; fine line between good and evil; mostly Ambient music
  • Slight Tension – Uneasy, ambiguous, something may be lurking. Not yet dungeon music.
  • Dungeon Atmosphere – Dark exploration setting for man made structures; Mostly orchestral textures with tense and unsettling mood
  • Cave Atmosphere – Organic noise textures with a tiny glimpse of beauty for natural underground caves, caverns or abandoned mines
  • Underground Tombs – Eerie, hard to grasp otherworldly textures and haunting choirs. Works best for anything with ghosts or undead.
  • Horror – Dark, intense, creepy, straight out nightmarish. Can be used for imminent tough and eerie encounters, and underground battle

Action/ Combat

Hope you like them! Feedback and suggestions are welcome 🙂


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