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The Mystical Iconography of Josie Morway’s Hyperrealistic Paintings

Self-taught American artist Josie Morway’s hyperrealist paintings immediately enchant the viewer with their brooding sensibility and mystical ambience. Often featuring exotic birds and other wildlife in stylized poses intertwined with lush vegetation and adorned with cryptic symbols, mysterious drips and obscure Latin texts, Morway’s work references religious paintings with the animals standing in for saints, an ecclesiastical allusion that is enhanced by her use of oils and enamels on wood instead of canvas.

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Satirical Images of Virtue and Vice Painted by Toni Hamel

"The Impostor (George's Zebra)" (2017), oil and alkyd on cradled panel, 24 x 24 x 1.5 inches, all images via Toni Hammel

“The Impostor (George’s Zebra)” (2017), oil and alkyd on cradled panel, 24 x 24 x 1.5 inches, all images via Toni Hammel

Toronto-based artist Toni Hamel works across mediums to create drawings, paintings, and sculptures that analyze human behavior. In her two-dimensional work the artist often incorporates animals and icebergs being treated as art objects by men in lab coats and smocks. The male subjects are seen analyzing or altering the zebras, giraffes, and whales, painting over their spots or pinning on stripes with a marked precision.

Hamel describes her art practice as an “illustrated commentary of human frailties,” seeking to highlight peculiar behavior in humans. “Drawing from personal experiences and outward observations, I point to historical, social, and psychological references,” she tells Colossal. “Virtues and vices, the holy and the profane, the good and the bad, all share equal weight and supply as infinite source material for my investigations.”


Greg “Craola” Simkins’ “The Escape Artist” at KP…

Greg “Craola” Simkins’ “The Escape Artist” at KP Projects.
Currently on view at KP Projects in Los Angeles, California is artist Greg “Craola” Simkins fantastic solo exhibition entitled, “The Escape…

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Amazing Black Cat Illustration

Kamwei Fong, illustrateur malaisien, utilise uniquement de l’encre noire pour ses dessins. Cette série traite de chats noirs sous différentes formes et humeurs. Chacun des chats à une personnalité unique, certains gonflés, d’autre en boule, curieux ou encore méfiants. L’artiste utilise d’innombrables fines lignes et en varie la densité pour créer du volume à du mouvement.

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I Am Al Capone’s Wife and I’d Like to Unveil My New Platform to Combat Organized Crime Among Children

Good afternoon.

As a mother and as the wife of a homicidal crime boss, it concerns me that in today’s Prohibition-era world, children can be swayed into pursuing a life of organized crime, loan-sharking, bootlegging, and extortion. I feel strongly that it is impossible to pinpoint a single cause of the nation’s current scourge of mafia activity. As such, we as a nation must all correctively put on our blinders and ignore the crime boss currently sitting a few feet away from me.

Who’s to say that any single person is responsible for ordering the assassination of seven rival gang members on St. Valentine’s Day? I am not here to point fingers. I’m well aware some people are skeptical of me leading an anti-mob initiative when I share a bed with a man who makes more than $60 million a year from illegal liquor sales. Sure, the first person who could learn a thing or two about not being involved in organized crime is Al Capone, but this isn’t about him. My husband’s penchant for murder will not stop me from unveiling my lightly plagiarized platform for you today.

My anti-mafia initiative is called, “Be Not Criminal.” It is an awareness campaign dedicated to keeping children from joining organized crime syndicates. There is one goal to this initiative and that is to educate children about the dangers of organized crime while deflecting attention away from my racketeer husband so he can continue breaking people’s bones with baseball bats. While my husband is out burying snitches in cement, I’ll be here handing out pamphlets that say, “Don’t let yourself end up running the largest crime syndicate in America.”

I will work tirelessly to provide children with the resources they need to avoid participating in rackets such as the shakedown of laundromats and other family-owned business for protection payments. After all, who better to speak to the horrors of brutal mafia violence than the wife of Al Capone? I am so excited to unveil this initiative to vaguely and spinelessly address the very thing for which my husband stands.

Let us teach our children the importance of paying taxes and not carrying out vengeful vendettas against rival crime bosses. As we all know, organized crime can sometimes have a negative effect on our children. It is our responsibility as adults to educate and remind them that unless you are my husband, you should follow the rule of law and refrain from throwing body bags in the river. I will make every effort to champion an organized crime-free life for children while also standing beside Public Enemy No. 1, tacitly supporting his behavior.

Now, it is my pleasure to welcome my crime lord husband to the stage to speak about what’ll happen to your kneecaps if you ever double-cross him.


Explore Dawid Planeta’s Mystical World of Bright-Eyed Animal Guides

Polish artist and graphic designer Dawid Planeta summons large beasts in his series of mystical grayscale illustrations set deep in the jungle. The series, Mini People in the Jungle, presents animals in profile, with glistening eyes that illuminate the darkness surrounds them. A small child is also present in each work, bravely facing the towering creatures with a torch or outstretched arms.

Planeta works his own experiences into the mysterious work, channeling his history with depression into a source for creative energy. “Depression – it’s not easy to deal with, but when you try, you can stop thinking about it as a weakness and turn it into something brilliant,” said Planeta. “That’s what I aim to accomplish with my art. [The] things I’m trying to depict are dark, mysterious and frightening, but if you look closely, you will find excitement, passion and joy.”