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December 12, 1930

Artistic display of meat products from Irish Co-operative Meat Ltd., Waterford to tempt the palate in the run up to Christmas 1930. So we have sausages, black and white pudding (or maybe brawn?), and lard. The packaging on the lard proudly declares that it is "guaranteed perfectly pure" and "untouched by human hand". It cost 1/6.

(Virtual) 1lb. of sausages to anyone who can tell me the address for the meat factory in the 1930s, so I can add it to our Flickr map!

Date: 12 December 1930

NLI Ref.: P_WP_3770

By National Library of Ireland on The Commons

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Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.1 / Schwertschlucker

Divided reverse. No correspondence.

"An anatomical miracle that appeared for 15 days in Berlin theaters and for 1 month in Circus Schumann – With x-ray and photograph."

A talented member of Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.1 demonstrates his gift for sword swallowing by downing a Hirschfänger – a long, double-edged hunting knife used to kill deer and boar.


By ✠ drakegoodman ✠

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The Simple Spaceship Chart

A while ago I ran into a box of old spaceships of mine in our cellar, I photographed a few of them and thought it would be nice to document them all while at it. I found a total of 11 spaceships (not including the numerous LEGO ships) in our house, most are my oldies, a couple of them belong to the kid. I shot all of them straight from the bow to capture their character.

After I had photographed them all I thought they’d look great in a poster, I added some trendy graphic noise to go with it. I think it turned out allright. (more…)