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Communications lines dissolve and a water smuggler navigates a tumultuous, dystopian city on the brink of a drought in this lyrical “low-fi sci-fi” short.

AI WEIWEI (艾未未) – HU JIANING (胡珈宁) – LI NING (李宁) – BAI YAO (白瑶)

World Premiere: Telluride 2014.

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The Adobe Illustrator Story

When Adobe Illustrator first shipped in 1987, it was the first software application for a young company that had, until then, focused solely on Adobe PostScript. The new product not only altered Adobe’s course, it changed drawing and graphic design forever.

Watch the Illustrator story unfold, from its beginning as Adobe’s first software product, to its role in the digital publishing revolution, to becoming an essential tool for designers worldwide. Interviews include cofounder John Warnock, his wife Marva, artists and designers Ron Chan, Bert Monroy, Dylan Roscover and Jessica Hische.

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The Drybrush Master

Watch it in black and white

The story of artist and New York Times Best Selling author Greg Ruth, and the creation of his newest graphic novel, The Lost Boy.
To learn more about Greg and his work or to purchase a copy of The Lost Boy go to

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Photographed and edited by Ben Tobin [all video material is ©Ben Tobin 2013]
Additional Photography and Sound Recording by Justin Fleuriel and Sarah Wentworth
Original Art by Greg Ruth [all images are ©Greg Ruth and may not be reproduced in any form]
Sound Mixing and Design by Enoch Jensen, Eastlake Recording
Greg Ruth interview audio recorded by Justin Fleuriel
Original Score by Nicky Royston

Color by Peter Swartz, Colorspace Finishing

Special Thanks to
Jane Yolen
Ruth Sanderson
Emmett Ruth
Jen Smith
Nate Ruth
Rebecca Guay
Charles Kochman
David Saylor
Diane deGroat
Nan Parati
Elmer’s Store
Neil Bramlette
Chad Thompson
Delta Carney
The Eric Carle Museum
Michelson’s Gallery

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Cold Storage Teaser Trailer

Out at the Harvard Depository in Southborough, Massachusetts there are many stories to tell. How do the books come to and from campus nearly an hour away? What is the best way to store a library collection whose offsite holdings alone are mounting to ten million? What does it take to keep books at cold preserving temperatures and film reels at even colder ones?

Our upcoming documentary, Cold Storage, uncovers an ecosystem of laser scanners, UV fly zappers, cherry pickers and a mezzanine of machinery. It shows a place where books are sorted not by the methods of Dewey or those of the Library of Congress but by size.

In this trailer, take a peek inside the expansive interiors where our story begins and stay tuned for the debut of our film, which this summer will be incorporate the work of metaLAB alongside the projects of students from this past Spring’s Humanities Studio 1.

Coming soon is an experimental and interactive documentary to explore the HD as an offsite lens by which to examine the cultural and technical dimensions of libraries.

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