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These images are selections taken from a series of lithographs…

Charge of the light cavalry brigade

Interior of the Malakoff

Sebastopol from the sea

A hot day in the batteries

Charge of the heavy cavalry brigade

A Christmas dinner on the heights

Sentinel of the Zouaves

These images are selections taken from a series of lithographs depicting scenes from the Crimean War. Based on sketches by William Simpson, they were published in the second half of the 1850’s. The first image shows the famous charge of the Light Brigade on October 25, 1854, during the Battle of Balaclava.

The Crimean War, also known as the “Eastern War” (in Russia) and the “Russian War” (in England) took place between late 1853 and early 1856. The conflict involved an alliance of French, British, Ottoman, and Sardinian forces fighting against Russia, primarily in the Crimean Peninsula. It is considered one of the first “modern” wars, and was one of the first wars which was extensively covered by news reports, including photographs.