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Chris LaPorte: City Band

Chris LaPorte is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based artist who loves to draw. He is currently creating a life size pencil drawing called “City Band” for submission in the 2012 ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids, MI.
This is the story of City Band’s beginnings and the massive undertaking of an epic work of art.

With City Band, Chris attempts to create a visual narrative that plays on the idea of one’s life equating to lines, physical ones and metaphorical ones. City Band took a year to create and is inspired by a photograph of Chris’ grandfather’s 1926 high school marching band in Bay City, Michigan. City Band is not a copy of a photograph but an original composition, with an original environment and original figure postures and positions. Drawn in a series of panels on the wall, no projection of any kind was used in its creation. You can follow Chris LaPorte and City Band’s progress at chrislaporte.com and at artprize.com.