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Basilisks, Dragonelles and Dragonettes from the Neville Colmore Collection

Basilisks, Dragonelles and Dragonettes of The English and Scottish Borders, from the Neville Colmore Collection. This is a photo of a portion of the private collection of Dr. Phineas Craw that are purported to be specimens collected by Neville Colmore the legendary creator of the Neville Colmore fatagravures.

As I have noted before (in relation to the Colmore Auction Lot), Colmore believed the physical aspects of supernatural creatures existed only in the Realm of Faery. I’m beginning to suspect that the Spectobarathrum may have created some sort of rift or passage that could be navigated physically. These items, if they are indeed authentic, lend creedence to this theory. (more…)