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The World Outside My Window – Time-Lapses of Earth from the ISS

Serving Suggestion: 1080p, lights off, volume up.
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Images: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov
Music: ‘Fill My Heart’ by Two Steps from Hell
Editor: David Peterson


This montage of time-lapse photography from the International Space Station is collected from many taken in Expeditions 29, 30 and 31.

The previous sequence, ‘All Alone In The Night’ (http://youtu.be/FG0fTKAqZ5g), highlighted night sequences and spectacular aurora light shows and intended to give a feeling of flying through space.

The goal with this sequence was to bring a bit more attention to the station itself, including the humans aboard it, particularly Don Pettit (appearing in the final shot) who took many of the sequences in this montage. (more…)