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D&D 5e West Marches Game – Fantasy Grounds VTT – Demo Only Needed – Play Free! via /r/DnD

D&D 5e West Marches Game – Fantasy Grounds VTT – Demo Only Needed – Play Free!

Expedition to Sleeper Island

D&D 5e West Marches game set on the continent to the south west of Faerun – Katashaka.

What is a West Marches game? You might've seen this video around:

New roleplayers and people have never used Fantasy Grounds before are very welcome. We have a great team that can help you get going!

You can play 100% free – no strings attached. Just download the demo client here. Then connect to our Discord server and we'll get you started.

  • Automated character creation and item shopping via Discord bots.
  • 15+ sessions per week.
  • DMs all over the world – all major time zones covered.
  • Town building.
  • Complex crafting.
  • All official content accepted and Unearthed Arcana.
  • New content constantly added – next up is the Monster Hunter expansion.
  • 360 players, 15 DMs. Players are encouraged to move up and start DMing sessions.
  • Play in large multi-session arcs, or one shots when you can find the time and carry your character through each session.

We are looking for players and DMs. DMs will need FG experience but players can be completely new – and you can play for free with the demo – all our DMs have the Ultimate license.

We have a great group of players who like to chat about D&D and pretty much everything else. The game is also a community – there is no need to leave if you can't play for a while – wait until real life has settled down and then resume playing your character. Come to play, stay to chat.

Join us on Discord.

Our sub is mostly used for scheduling games – but you can check it out here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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