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Ethereal bird murals, street art by Eron

Italian artist Eron recently completed a stunning pair of murals depicting a seagull and heron taking flight under a viaduct in Riccione, Italy. Each spray painted mural shows a sequence of birds that transition from embossed black and white silhouettes to figures that appear almost completely realistic. Eron is known for his delicately nuanced approach with a spray can which he’s also used to great effect in a series of artworks that depict ghostly figures who appear in the dust beneath exhaust vents.

Eron creates his works on the streets and on canvas, always taking into account the surrounding environment. The works that Eron creates on urban walls often concern social issues, whereas when he uses spray paint on canvas in his studio, his figurative research goes beyond the mere representation of a subject.


Fumage, drawing with fire by Steven Spazuk

For the past 14 years, Spazuk has perfected a technique called fumage, that allows him to use the flame of a candle or the flame of a torch as a pencil to create his paintings with trails of soot. Using various tools, he intuitively sculpt the plumes of soot left behind in response to the shapes that appear on the canvas.

Spontaneity and chance are the heart and soul of his creative process. He does not censor. He does not direct. Spazuk opens himself to the experience. This in-the-moment creative practice coupled with the fluidity of the soot, creates a torrent of images, shadows and light. Fuelled by the quest of a perfect shape that has yet to materialize, he concentrate in a meditative act and surrender to capture the immediacy of the moment on canvas.


Bic biro bird drawing collection by Mark Powell

Bic Biro pen drawings on vintage envelopes, maps and newspapers dating back to 1756

Mark Powell: website / behance / facebook

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Welded sculptures made from recycled materials by Brian Mock

Portland, Oregon based sculptor, Brian Mock, creates elegantly crafted recycled metal sculptures. He welds materials like wing nuts, hinges, screws, nails, found sheet metal, car rotors, and more to create a variety of sculptural forms from figurative, to animal, to decorative, and functional.

“I am intrigued by the challenge of creating an entirely unique piece from an eclectic collection of discarded objects. Giving these old, common items a new and extraordinary life as one sculpture is an artistically challenging yet gratifying process. This type of work is also designed to be highly interactive and prompt viewers to question the reality of what they see. Audience reactions fuel my motivation.”