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The Small Story of Animal Glue, and other Small Stories

JF Ptak Science Books   Quick Post

In my collections of small collections I have a collection of small unusual pamphlets that tell the story of something uncommon. Everything in this sub-collection must have “The Story of …” on the cover; after that, anything goes.  

This is a small selection, though enough for now…

+ story anim glu + story baggage+ story fertiliz


+ story banana+ story brushes+ story adhesives



+ story lemons+ story sponge+ story flour


+ story tin can+ story nickel




+ story anim glu


+ story baggage

+ story adhesives

+ story banana

+ story brushes


+ story flour

+ story fertiliz

+ story lemons

+ story nickel

+ story sponge

+ story tin can


By: Ptak Science Books
Via: Feedbin Starred Entries
Source: http://j.mp/1qL6Lk9

Nocturne 2014: Thaumatropical Amusement

Come letterpress print your own old fashioned paper toy called a Thaumatrope!

Nocturne: Art at Night is a free event that showcases and celebrates the visual arts scene in Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Now in its 7th year, the festival brings art and energy to the streets between 6pm – midnight on Saturday, October 18th.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Music: Kolapot by amiina from the album kurr released 2007
Listen and buy their music here: www.amiina.com

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