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Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons. via /r/halifax

Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons.


It seems enough adventurers have answered the called. The table for the 19th of Feb is full. Keep an eye out for future calls to action. This will be a regular event in the future. Still feel free to contact me and I'll let you know if there has been a cancellation.

Calling all adventurers in the Halifax area. Deep beneath the peaks of the Endworld Mountains a forge has fallen silent. It has been over seventy days since any goods have flown through the normally productive blacksmith. The people in the neighboring town of Four-Posts, a small frontier trading hub, are struggling to make ends meet as the trade caravans threaten to not return unless there is product to buy and sell.

Glint Ishan, the marshal of Four-Posts, has begged for help in investigating why the flow of goods has ceased. The local artisans have offered a hefty purse for anyone willing to assist. Will you answer the call?

The details:

Where: Board Room Game Cafe. 1256 Barrington Street. Space will be limited to 6 players.

When: Tuesday Feb 19th. Starting at 6:30pm until completion, likely 10pm.

What: I will be running a self contained session using Dungeon and Dragons 5e rules. This is not an Adventure League game. As a player you do not need to bring anything at all. Pre-made characters, dice, Player's Handbooks, and even pencils will be provided. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce a skeptic friend to D&D or fill a break in a long running campaign. If you are interested in bringing your own character, please contact me.

Cost: $5 admission to the Board Game Cafe – Waived with a food purchase of $10 of more. Free for kids under 14.

Who am I: I am a professional DM of 20 years and make my income hosting games for people. This is an opportunity for me to meet and greet with the local TTRPG community.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.