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Isaac Newton: On Drawing

Notes on drawing, written in 1659 by a 17-year-old Isaac Newton in one of his notebooks, digitized via The Newton Project. Also included in the source transcript are some interesting early notes on the preparation of various coloured pigments. Via Ptak.

Instruments of drawing.
Pens made of Raven quils. thick & smooth paper. & light coulored blew paper. fine parchment. a flat thin bras ruler. a paire of compasses. a wing. & sundry plummetts. & pestells to draw with=all.

Of Drawing with the pen
Let the thing which you intend to draw stand before you, so that the light be not hindred from falling upon it. & with a pointed peice of charecole draw it rudely & lightly when you have don see if it be well don; if not wipe out with your wing & begin agine, & so draw it till it bee well. then wipe it over gently with your wing, so that you may perceive your former strokes; then with your black chalk or pensill draw it perfectly & curiously as you can, & shaddow it as the light falleth upon it. If you draw on blew paper when you have finished your draught wet your paper in fair wait & let it dry of it self. & so the drawing will hold fast on.