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Miasmatic -short film-

Can you really imagine an empty London? What if a dramatic sudden epidemic occurred?

We wanted to extend our concept of empty cities to London with its dramatic past with epidemics.
More informations (with translator tool) about this films and its technical side on http://j.mp/1AcPE3n
Better with headphones and high volume.
For a funny contrast, we propose the same footage, but different vision… http://j.mp/1yiBSIy
And the tutorial to “emptying” the streets http://j.mp/1AcPFV7

Music: David O’Brien, “Rising fear”, licensed through http://j.mp/1yiBU3b
Sounds from http://j.mp/1AcPFV9
Archive footage from http://archive.org/

(View on Vimeo)