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Fluid-Dynamics from Movement Vectors

Tolle Experimente von Frau Lulu xXX (vorher auf NC: AI-Moebius dreaming of Jimi Hendrix, Neural Style Transfer-App Prisma has Video, still can’t dance), die (sofern ich das richtig verstehe) Bewegungs-Vektoren aus Videoclips errechnet und in Fluid Dynamics umsetzt. (via Prosthetic Knowledge)

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2001esker Kurzfilm von Ash Thorp: „Epoch is an experimental film intended to take you on a voyage through our solar system and beyond. It is a personal project orchestrated to share our enjoyment and admiration for science fiction films and literature.“

Production-Stills und Storyboards und Kram gibt’s auf seiner Website:

epppEpoch is a result of merging my love of design with space and moving imagery. It is a visual exercise intended to communicate that childhood wonder and enjoyment without any commentary. By primarily utilizing visuals and music, it will allow the viewer to experience the passage through their own imagination. I knew when this project began that this was going to be a somewhat linear journey, from one point to another and beyond. The basic core idea was to shadow the symbolic tale of David and Goliath, where in this film, David = Humanity, and Goliath = space and the unknown. Through similar scale, humanity is such a small presence in this vast universe, and it must overcome many unknown adversities to survive. The great unknown is indeed just that, unknown. It is hard to grasp just how large of a presence humanity must face as the resolve of one unknown only yields a new horizon of unknowns.


Dictionary of non-notable Artists


Mein Buddy Gregor hat wieder zugeschlagen und ein Dictionary of non-notable Artists erstellt, hier das Teil als PDF. Geil: Gibt’s auch als nicht erwähnenswertes Zufallsshirt.

unknownDazu hat er alle Wikipedia-„Articles for Deletion“ aus den letzten 10 Jahren gescraped, nach Kunst sortiert und mit Begründung aufgelistet. Auf die Idee kam er, nachdem sein eigener Wikipedia-Artikel auf die Löschliste gesetzt wurde.

Every day, people on Wikipedia nominate articles for deletion and discuss whether they should remain in the encyclopedia or not. This is done on a sub page called “Articles for deletion”. A frequent reason for exclusion of an entry is “non-notability”. After I had a look at those discussions, the article about my own person (Gregor Weichbrodt) ironically became nominated for deletion from the German Wikipedia, too. The anonymous person that put me on the list wrote „Completely misses notability criteria for ‘authors’. Unsatisfying notability criteria for artists too.“


Neural Network Compositing

Adobe Research und die Uni Berkley arbeiten an Retusche und Compositing via Machine Learning. Die Ergebnisse sind zwar beeindruckend, aber noch lange nicht praktikabel, ich tippe mal auf die übernächste Photoshop-Generation. Aus einem Posting auf Quartz: This digital brush paints with the memories of 275,000 landscapes, hier das Paper als PDF.


The software uses deep neural networks to learn the features of landscapes and architecture, like the appearance of grass or blue skies. As a human user moves the digital brush, the software automatically generates images inspired by the color and shape of the strokes. For example, when researchers testing the project made a blue brushstroke, the software painted a sky. It’s an example of the work being done in a field of AI research called “generative art,” discussed in a recent paper accepted by the 2016 European Conference on Computer Vision.


Industrial Robot Artist-Brush

artistbrushDragan Ilić klemmt sich an einen Industrieroboter, der mit dem Künstlerpinsel ein paar Striche auf die Leinwand klatscht. Malende Roboter gibt’s wie Sand am Meer, mit Künstlern als Pinsel malende Roboter noch nicht – „It is in this constellation in which the machine controls and steers man“. (via Prosthetic Knowledge)

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Adam Savage führt durch die Kubrick-Ausstellung

Die Kubrick-Exhibition hatte ich mir vor Jahren mal im Frankfurter Filmmuseum angesehen, damals hat uns allerdings kein Adam Savage durch die Ausstellung geführt. (via Jason Kottke)

After making its way around the world, the incredible exhibition of Stanley Kubrick’s work has arrived in San Francisco. Adam Savage tours the exhibit to show you some of his favorite items. From rare camera equipment to pre-production artwork and film props, these objects connect us to one of cinema’s greatest minds.

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Twin Peaks 2017 Mixtape


Ein Mixtape der Macher von Welcome To Twin Peaks mit Tracks von Bands und Projekten, in denen Leute mitwirken, die auch bei David Lynchs dritter Staffel dabei sein werden. (via Ronny)

The mix features Trent Reznor, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Richard Chamberlain plus musicians and bands from the official cast.

With a new Twin Peaks season in the works, Welcome To Twin Peaks has put together a mixtape that features artists from the show’s cast doing their most “David Lynch-conjuring work”. Have a look at the track list below, and give it a spin for 82 minutes of darkness inspired by David Lynch’s masterpiece TV show.