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Joy Divisions Original Unknow Pleasures-Artwork found

Jen Christiansen von Scientific American hat das Original-Artwork von Joy Divisions weltberühmten Disorder-Cover gefunden. Die Visualisierung der Neutronensterne stammt ursprünglich aus der 1970er PhD-Thesis „Radio Observations of the Pulse Profiles and Dispersion Measures of Twelve Pulsars“ von Harold D. Craft, Jr. Now you know.


Christiansen had seen that the cover was inspired by a visualization of the first pulsar—a star that emits electromagnetic waves—but the original source of that particular visualization was heretofore unknown. She managed to sift through multiple versions of the famous image printed in the 1970s that did not credit the original source, until she found one that had enough information to go off. […] And there, 36 years after drummer Stephen Morris chose the image for Joy Division’s debut album cover, its creator was revealed, a universe away from the streets of Thatcherite Manchester.