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The NIH 3D Print Exchange Promotional Reel

This video highlights 3D models which have been produced at the National Institutes of Health. Most of these 3D print files will be freely available for download by the public, through the 3dprint.nih.gov website, along with free access to the segmentation and data processing pipelines, making it easy to directly create custom 3D prints through the website.

Descriptions of the models which appear in the video in order of appearance:

Pink bacteria: cartoon model of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, color indicates mycolic acid coat staining by Ziehl-Neelsen stain (senescent cells stain completely); ATP pumps derived from crystal structure (1PO1), proteasome modeled from crystal structure (2FHG) and cryo-electron microscopy data; cartoon DNA and surface receptors and channels also included; molecular structures not to scale (more…)