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The Space Game Invasion Continues – 4 More Space Games at Kickstarter!

Space games continue to invade kickstarter

Four more space games are now on Kickstarter asking for the community’s support. You have a game for every taste. The games are: Skyjacker by DIGITILUS, Drifter: A Space Trading Game by Celsius Game Studios, Two Guys SpaceVenture by Two Guys From Andromeda and Edge of Space by HandyMan Studios


Skyjacker is a space combat game where you take the role of a space pirate, venturing through space, shooting, robbing and crashing alien ships all over the galaxy. You collect loot to improve your craft while you climb into higher pirate tanks. A demo is already offered. There’s single player and multiplayer modes. FFB joysticks support is planned. Skyjacker is targeted for the Windows PC an Mac but the team has plans to eventually port the game to Xbox 360 and PlayStation. Currently Skyjacker accumulates $29,601 of their $200,000 goal (~14.8%) with 13 days to go.


Conquest: Frontier Wars Sequel on … Kickstarter!

Conquest 2: The Vyrium Uprising

I was finding strange that today was not going to be any big kickstarter announcement. Haa, wait! There you go. Today it was time for the highly popular Conquest: Frontier Wars’ sequel: Conquest 2 – The Vyrium Uprising to ask for the community’s support 🙂

Conquest 2: The Vyrium Uprising is a sci-fi real-time strategy game that the devs claim to be more strategic than other kinds of RTS games. In the kickstarter movie one of the devs says that the idea is to offer much more than “who has the bigger fleet wins” kind of gameplay. I didn’t play the original Conquest: Frontier Wars, so, I really can’t say much but if “The Vyrium Uprising” will offer a more strategic sci-fi RTS experience that I’m all for it! Well, guess it’s time to update the Games list page.